New Consigners -Important Update - We are only taking new consignor signups for Home Decor and Furniture Only. We will not be taking any new consignors for clothing. We apologize but at this time we cannot take New Consignor If you are already a consignor with us, you may continue bringing in clothing items.


Consignment is a 3 month term as stated on contract the day that you bring into to consign.
It will be the consigners responsibility to keep up with consigned items and to contact us 2 days before deciding to pick up your items once your 3 months have expired.


This two (2) page contract and the terms are to be followed at all times when consigning your items with us. We give you a copy of our contract so that you will be able to reference back if you have any questions regarding procedures, terms, checks, and collection expired items.

Comission on consigned items:
Furniture : 60/40 split (Customer receives 60%)
Home Décor : 50/50 split

Benefits of consigning with us:
We offer consigners a login on the website so that you can check your account on sales and inventory at any time.

Information on clothing that we accept:
FOR CURRENT CONSIGNORS ONLY: Faith Consignment will do our very best to consign the name brands that you prefer and provide affordable pricing to our customers. We will not take items that are from : Walmart, Old Navy, Target, Rue21 (other brands will be considered)

Schedule for consigning clothing items:
January through February : Spring
March through July : Summer
August through December: Winter

Consigning Furniture:
Must be clean, with no missing parts, and in good condition. Please call ahead for approval on large pieces of furniture before bringing to the store.

Consigning Home Décor:
Please check all items before bringing in, such as lamps to make sure they work properly.
Make sure that there are no chips in home décor items such as vases etc.
Also make sure items are cleaned before bringing in or they will be returned to you.